Sunday, August 21, 2011

Secret Salsa

I left church early to fry up some tortilla chips. I then went down to the food storage to find some of Vickie's homemade salsa. This is what I found. What a sweet wife I have.

Grove Creek

After several times friends telling me to try the Grove Creek trail I finally gave in. I loved it. All runable nice trail. Here are a few pictures. Although I did not get one of the Rattle Snake that turned me away on the Great Western Trail.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Timp and 3 hour run

Left to go to run the ridge trail Saturday morning. Turned away by the AF 1/2 marathon as the canyon was closed to the road runners. So I cam home and went back to bed. It was a beautiful day and about 3:00pm had to head for the hills. Ran to Mill mountain from the pine hollow trail. My favorite. Cool temps due to the stream coming down, Pine trees and up on the ridge.
Total of 12 miles. But great afternoon run.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hoka One One Stinson B/Combo XT- Hybrid Running Shoe | Boulder Running Company

Hoka One One Stinson B/Combo XT- Hybrid Running Shoe | Boulder Running Company

My new Running shoe. Although my family teases me about wearing my "Shape Ups" for a trail run, They are the greatest. They actually make you want to run uphill. On the down hills they take away the pounding. After Squaw Peak 50 My toes were numb for the next 4 trail trail runs. Which was two weeks. I started wearing these Hoka's and the numbness has gradually left.
They are the Cadillac of trail running shoes.
Any one that say Barefoot or "0" drop shoes are the way to go, does not run the rough trails for as long as I do or will not be running in the next few years due to injury.

Mineral Basin

I left Friday morning from Tibble Fork Reservoir and decided I was going to go all the way to Mineral Basin. Mineral Basin leads to the back side of Snowbird Ski Resort. I have left to do this several times but always get distracted with a different route as the dirt road leaving Tibble Fork is kind of boring.

I persevered and got above the campers. I not only made it to mineral basin but also Ant Knolls which is an aid station on the Wasatch 100 course. Ant Knolls is on the back side of Brighton Ski Resort.
I ran into a few mines and also some jeep roads that have turned into streams as the snow is still melting up high.

One of the most beautiful runs I have been on.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday Morning in the Mountains

I left early Friday morning to get in three hours before work. I wanted to wash away the last time I went up Rock Canyon, which was the last leg of the Squaw Peak 50. Where I was dehydrated, dizzy and sick. I was heading to the back of Lions head and the base of Provo Peak.
This time of the year the Pine trees and letting the scent go. Nothing like the fresh pine smell as soon as the snow melts. I still crossed several snow patches on the trail and one very large avalanche.

Here are some shots for you.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Recovery Run

After a week of recovery I decided to take the ridge trail for a jaunt. I wanted to see the snow level and cross some high elevation snow fields.
A beautiful morning and a great 6 mile jog.

Here are some pictures as to why I do what I do.

Squaw Peak 50 Report

I toed the line.
Saturday June 4th I toed the line for my 7th Squaw Peak 50. What a course. Due to snow on 25 miles of the original course, John Bozong had to alter the course. I thought is would be so much more run able. Was I wrong. The trail diverted off the rock canyon road after climbing to peak 8000 and went down to the Rock Canyon trail head. Then another 9 miles on the Bonneville Shoreline trail. This was a constant up and down. At about mile 20 it went up Spring Creek canyon about Springville. Some parts of the trail were run able, some were outrageous to hike.

I got sick after mile 6. 44 miles of hot, nausea and dizziness. At 5hours and 10 minutes on the trail the the leader Eric Storheim passes me on the out and back. About 12 miles ahead of me after 5 hours. Even though I was sick my legs still felt fresh.

I had a pacer that was going to meet me at Rock Canyon on the way back for the last 12 miles. I don't feel I need a pace for a 50 milers but Bryce was interested. I called him before the Y trail head and said don't bother showing up as I was sick and it would be a walk a thon.

Bryce was there and off we went. Slow going up Rock Canyon back up to Peak 8000. But got a little jogging in on the way down. By the time I hit the Smith ditch and the Provo Canyon Trail I had a serious bought of Vertigo. The world was spinning in several directions. I just tried staying in the middle of the two Vortex's and stay on the yellow line of the pavement.

Just before 16 hours I crossed the line for my 7th finish.

Cotton my son was there to get me cleaned up, a nice blanket to keep me warm and drove me home.

Only took a night before I started thinking of the next race.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sundance 1.11.11

Sundance with Justus and his friends. Froze to death but great time skiing. Justus is coming along on the snowboard. Seems to want the steep and deep so I am happy as can be as I now have a ski partner.